Reduce the risk of payment default and protect your customer relationship

Subscribers get frustrated when their service lapses due to prematurely frozen accounts. PRISM’s unique dunning processing lets you automatically follow up on late payments. Our powerful dunning engine manages the collection process for each customer so you can maximize your payments while treating your subscribers with the efficiency and professionalism they deserve.

PRISM’s advanced dunning engine provides:

  • Reduced credit risk by pre-billing customers
  • Automated management of service contracts, pricing, renewals, reminders, generation of warnings, dunning notices, late fees, and service suspension
  • Non-payment follow-up based on customer value or other business metrics

Unify legacy billing systems without a single headache

Even when you expand because of multiple mergers and acquisitions, PRISM lets you migrate all of your legacy customers and all of your billing rules into one powerful system. The more flexible your billing solution, the smarter you can scale.

PRISM empowers smarter subscription billing:

  • Multiple currencies? Multiple languages? No problem.
    PRISM easily handles international business with customers in different languages and currencies.
  • Measure twice, bill once.
    Reduce the chance for errors by pre-checking the results of upcoming bill runs. PRISM supports full trial bill runs so you can verify invoicing before posting.

Simplify any payment process

Your subscribers pay in a variety of ways, from simple and low-cost trials to complex enterprise pricing models. Make them all a breeze with PRISM’s automated payments.

PRISM’s automated payment process gives you:

  • Support for payments via credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and more
  • Customer notification of impending credit card expiration
  • Automatic retry of declined payment collections
  • High security with PCI-compliant storage of account numbers

Flexible subscription billing keeps you in control

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