Keep business flowing with better customer management

PRISM handles all the operational management of your customers and their services. With access to accurate and up-to-date customer information, CSRs spend less time on service calls and less money on support costs. More efficiency means more customer satisfaction.

PRISM’s customer management gives you:

  • Complete accounts receivable history. Instantly see all charges, credits, payments, and refunds with a drill-down option for each transaction
  • Control over individual user access to CSR functions, including automatic audit tracking.

Spend your time innovating, not doing system administration

PRISM’s provisioning engine automates the service provisioning process and enables real-time service activation. Automatic updates keep your servers synchronized with changes to customer services. With this single unified system you can easily control the creation, modification, deletion, suspension, and re-activation of any service.

PRISM’s highly flexible service provisioning lets you:

  • Reduce manpower by automating the service provisioning process
  • Improve customer satisfaction through quicker service activation and updates
  • Manage the provisioning of even complex service packages requiring multiple provisioning steps

Flexible subscription billing keeps you in control

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