Upstream. Downstream. Billing made for all streams

Whether you’re invoicing as a cloud service aggregator, cloud service provider, or SaaS/PaaS/XaaS provider, our multilevel billing system lets you easily accept usage and charges from upstream and then issue bills downstream.

Multiple currencies? Multiple languages? No problem

When you’re billing across multiple countries, you need a billing system that can handle multi-currency/multi-language issues. PRISM easily handles all the billing touch points of the service value chain, so you can spend your time focusing on nurturing growth and creating recurring relationships.

PRISM makes it easy for you to go international, providing:

  • local language invoices
  • local language emails
  • local currency charges and payments

Prosper sooner with more frequent promotions

PRISM’s flexible billing features let you create and implement new pricing plans on the fly. Seamlessly adapt to your customers’ needs by controlling:

  • Bundles, discounts and special promotions
  • Flat, transactional or usage-based pricing
  • Automatic conversion of a service from one price to another

Self-care that soothes

Consumers crave efficiency, especially when it comes to managing their cloud infrastructure services. PRISM lets customers register directly on your site and gives them real-time access to their account to view bills, add services, and manage their accounts. Giving customers immediate access to services, is also soothing for your bottom line: PRISM’s hands-off service provisioning reduces the cost of service activation.

Target your offerings

Understand what your customers already use is the first step to knowing what they will need next. PRISM’s analytics and reporting gives you the insight you need for informed decisions. Enhance revenue from current customers through on-target marketing, strategic pricing, bundling and discounting of services

Keep business flowing

PRISM’s dunning engine automatically manages your service contracts, including renewals, reminders, late fees, and service suspension. No more lapsed services due to credit card expiration. No more manual follows-up on late payments.

Simplify complex relationships

From free trials to upgrades, add-ons to renewals, PRISM makes every step of the customer lifecycle a breeze. When you deliver a consistently great customer experience, there’s less reason for them to stray to any other cloud.

Flexible subscription billing keeps you in control

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